Wildlife Wednesday: Osprey



Osprey Take Flight…


Osprey3It was only a few short months ago that we returned to the Vineyard after a long winter of hibernating or traveling South, to open our doors for our fifth season at Saltwater Farm. Around the same time we welcomed back out resident Osprey, who seemed to waste no time getting down to business and welcoming two babies to their nest.

Over the course of this season, a friend of the Vineyard took quite an interest in all things Osprey; from coupling, incubating, hatching, and ultimately caring for their young. It is only fitting that he would catch the little ones taking their first flight.

Soon enough it will be time for them to fly south once more. However, we will count on seeing them, and maybe even one or both of their young, back next year. Hopefully we will be able to welcome another generation of Saltwater Farm Osprey to the family.

Final flight instructions.

Final flight instructions.

Take off.

Take off


Landing gear down.

Landing gear down.



Reunited with mom.

Reunited with mom.


Cheers to Ray U. for all the great shots,

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