Saltwater Farm Vineyard is excited to rejoin the Stonington Boro Farmers’ Market at their new home in the Velvet Mill, in Stonington. And oh boy, are we happy to be back. As we posted recently here, the new venue has such a wonderful, eclectic vibe that we just had to be a part of it. Hats off to our friend Julia Roberts (Saltwater Farm Vineyard’s first bride!) and everyone else who has put in so much hard work over the last several months in preparation for the move indoors.

Being one of the newest ‘Farms’ in Stonington, we are fortunate to be neighbors at the market with the Davis Farm. Their family run farm is in its 11th generation, originally settled in 1654, making it the earliest and longest operating farm in Connecticut. The Davis Stanton Homestead was recently donated to the state of Connecticut with hopes of a lasting preservation project by their patriarch John ‘Whit’ Davis. Although Whit ‘officially retired’ last November, he is still a big part of the Davis Farm identity. It is obvious after just one market morning next door, that Whit is not only a local personality, but the embodiment of an increasingly rare New England agricultural way of life. Fondly, he’s referred to as the “Last Yankee”.


With Whit’s retirement, his son, Larry Davis, has taken over the reins of the Farms responsibilities. Most markets he is joined by his friend and marketing partner, Dara, who has a funky style (think Rhinestone Cowgirl meets Farmer) and passion for the business. Together, they are the new face of Davis Farm, although as Larry has joked, people are still quick to question his relationship to the longstanding family operation, something he has grown accustom to since following in his father’s hard-to-fill footsteps.

Stay tuned for more about the Davis Farm’s most offbeat commodity.

Cheers to our new neighbors,


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