Terroir, Part 2: Soil

Terroir, Part 2: Soil

Other benefits to our maritime location include our vineyard’s soil type, which can be described as rocky ‘glacial’, hence the towns name, Stonington. We are located in an area that was the resting and ending point of a glacier. This means not only did it push a lot of rock and mineral content to the area, it also melted here, creating balanced, mineral rich and superior drainage soil; all desirable conditions for grape growing.

inlineV2The other major influence on our final product is undoubtedly that of the hard working men who interact with the property throughout the season. Whether it be James tending to the vines on a daily basis, or David deciding what to plant or replant in the spring and when to harvest in the fall, the impact of our knowledgeable vineyard crew is something not to be taken for granted.

And while there are always ups and downs throughout each growing season, the combination of factors influencing the harvest each year are what make the wine business, and wine drinking, so intriguing.

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