Saltwater Farm Vineyard, A Fresh Perspective

A Fresh Perspective

Saltwater Farm Vineyard is a special place for many reasons beyond the wines and weddings. As I enter the vast front doors I can’t help but marvel at the vaulted arched ceiling and original wooden interior. The reconstructed 1930’s airplane hanger is certainly a unique marriage of rustic and modern. Outside, the 108 acres that comprise the grounds are quintessential coastal New England. I feel my stress melt away as I breath in the salt air and take a sip of Cabernet Franc. An egret soars over the vines and salt marsh due north to Little Narragensett Bay, eventually reaching Long Island Sound and the beautiful shoreline of Watch Hill, Rhode Island. These surrounding areas are some of the most picturesque and historic communities in New England. They are a fundamental element to the overall charm and character of Saltwater Farm.

Southern New England has much to offer with its history, beauty and varied landscape to those interested in spending time on the shoreline. We have created Saltwater Farm Living as a way of sharing what we cherish most about the Vineyard, Stonington and neighboring areas. Here you will get an insiders perspective on food and wine, style, history, entertainment and all things local. We hope to inspire you to try something new and share in our love of this great niche of New England living.

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