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Just like clockwork, Southeastern Connecticut is experiencing its first snowstorm of the season the same late January weekend as last year.

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In case your running thru your Netflix line-up faster than bread and milk at Stop & Shop and your snuggle buddy (or buddies -in my case my two cats) isn’t up for another snowed-in movie marathon featuring The Notebook and whatever other infinitely rewatchable, albeit admittedly chick flick DVDs you have hanging around, I might have just the trick.

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Cue Julie and Andrew’s wedding video from this past season. Five and a half minutes of pure “awakens the soul and makes us reach for more” lovey dovey perfection that makes us watch Noah and Allie’s (the couple in The Notebook, duh) love story over and over and over…

In Julie’s words, “From the moment I met you I knew you were the boy I wanted to marry.” Rachel McAdams could’t have said it better herself.

Not to mention they got a little Katie Holmes/Joshua Jackson circa Dawson’s Creek vibe going on. So adorable.

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In the word’s of Julie’s grandmother, “Love is friendship that has caught on fire.” Thinking of it, today is a perfect day to cozy up by the fire.

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Cheers to Julie and Andrew and all the Noah and Allie’s out there,


The Real SFWedding Details

Videographer … Buzz Media Company

Photographer … Maggie Conley Photography

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Okay, I couldn’t mention The Notebook and not post at least one clip…

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