We are happy to have Yumiko back of Hana Floral Design for a holiday guest post! Read below for some tips on how to create the perfect centerpiece…


“Happy Holidays!  I had a lovely invitation last month to provide some floral demonstrations to the ladies of the Stonington Garden club.  It was held in a beautiful home in Stonington Borough and filled with an eager audience ready to get some floral tips from me.
flower2I started with a traditional Thanksgiving centerpiece using non-traditional ingredients, such as the gorgeous coral charm peony, which paired so beautifully with burgundy and amber colored foliage.  I picked greens, leaves and branches from outside in addition to adding in dried wheat, dried orange slices, and several varieties of flowers in rust, coral, orange and burgundy tones.

I loved the outcome and the ladies did too.  One lady was the lucky recipient of it at the end of the demo!

flower4I then transitioned into the holidays and created a traditional long centerpiece filled with a variety of firs, cedars, eucalyptus, and then popped in white flowers.  I love the look of green and white.  To me, it’s so serene and really feels wintry and crisp.
Believe it or not, peonies make their way back for the holidays, so I used white ones for this look.
flower3I also added accents of silver ornamental balls and icicle branches throughout for that touch of sparkle.  I do love a little sparkle for the holidays!
Working with holiday greens is pretty easy. Grab a container and some floral foam, and you are on your way. Holiday greens fill up nicely and they can go in many directions creating a unique centerpiece. You’ll want to strip some of the needles off the stems before poking through the foam, but otherwise, they are really easy to work with and will last a long time in your centerpieces.
Have fun creating something beautiful for your tables!  Wishing you all a very happy Holiday season!

Interested in joining the Stonington Garden Club? Get information here. More floral inspiration from Yumiko here! 

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