Just as the harvest of the grapes and leaves changing color are sure signs of cooler weather, so is the departure of our dear friend and Vineyard team member, Lori Blados, who is heading south for the winter months.

It seems by chance that Lori wandered into the hanger at Saltwater Farm Vineyard early into our first season, looking for a summer gig. A job in the tasting room would wrap up just in time to head back to her second home in Costa Rica, which she shares with husband Kevin, a Stonington oyster farmer, and two dogs.  Lori’s credentials as a former librarian initially seemed like an odd fit for working at a winery, however her artist spirit and reputation at the vineyard as “mother earth” (her birthday falls on Earth Day, although we are still unsure of which came first) have proved to be a most wonderful asset  both in the tasting room and at private events.

In addition to being a member of our team at Saltwater Farm Vineyard, Lori is an artist whose work is on display in her studio at the Velvet Mill here in Stonington, CT. Lori, who has a M.F.A. in photography from Yale University now uses paint as her primary medium, and has a knack for turning the every day into something of a magical concentration. Her affinity for the whimsical and for wildlife, especially birds in sometimes unexpected situations, showcases her unique perspective and sense of humor as both an artist and individual.

As we send Lori off with a toast to health, relaxation, and good fortune in the months to come, we look forward to her return in late spring and the promise of another successful and spirited season at Saltwater Farm Vineyard.

Check out Lori’s work along with many other artists at the 10th Annual Open Studio Night at the Velvet Mill, being held Friday, November 22 from 5pm-8pm and Saturday, November 23 from 10am -4pm. For more information about Open Studio Night and more artists on display at the Velvet Mill, visit

Lori’s work is on display in Studio I (capital i) in the Velvet Mill and can be viewed at her website,

Cheers to friendship,
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