So summer is over…it happens every year, but that does not make it any easier to accept. The tan starts to fade, boots replace flip flops, and outdoor dining becomes more of a rarity (cue the light sobbing).

That being said, the promise of the Fall Harvest at Saltwater Farm is something that makes the cooler weather and shorter days a bit more bearable. For us at the Vineyard, it is not just the end of the growing season, it is the payoff of our Vineyard crew’s hard work and long days (yes you guys, James, Dave and Sal!). It could be said we are the proud parents of this years grape graduating class, as we will shortly take the mature fruit off of the vines, and start the process of turning our grapes into wine.



To help everyone get in the spirit, here are my local, noteworthy, and totally autumn-in-Stonington suggestions on how to enjoy the fruits of fall around the area.

harvest7Make it memorable: There’s no better way to enjoy the Harvest at the Vineyard than to stop by and check it out for yourself. No, I’m not suggesting that you actually have to pick the grapes (although you can, we will keep you posted)… Just come by with a picnic and grab some wine, go for a walk, enjoy these last few weeks when sipping wine outside will really be enjoyable.

Tip: Take the harvest home with you by picking up one of our limited edition 2014 Harvest tees, just in and available online or at the Vineyard. 


flowersFarmers market flowers: Whether zinnias, mums or an assortment of wild flowers, picking up a seasonal bouquet is a sure way to brighten your day.

Tip: Seriously, a dozen zinnias at the Stonington Village Farmers Market for five bucks… you can’t go wrong. 



martini2Pumpkin, pumpkin, and more pumpkin: In your coffee or on your plate, pumpkin can sweeten and warm you from the inside out, and quite frankly only really does it for me in the fall.

Tip: Check out Water Street Cafe’s Pumpkin Spice Martini featuring Crop’s organic pumpkin vodka as the base. Can you say ‘liquid dessert?’


sweats4Nights in: It might be a sweater, fuzzy slippers or a favorite pair of sweats, but everyone has their go-to cozy, snuggle up on the couch item in their wardrobe. Let the season of dinner in front of the TV begin.

Tip: Our girl Kimberly’s Support Local line of casual clothing makes THE MOST comfy sweats. Just saying, I bought them in both colors. Also, if you are in Stonington and looking for pizza delivery, Angie’s Pizza will bring your favorite football foods right to your front door.  

Bring on the red wine: For all you seasonal wine drinkers out there like myself (which means you almost exclusively let the temperature outside determine the color of your wine), it is time to start dipping back into the reds, (not that I won’t keep drinking my Rosé, perhaps maybe just not as often).

Tip: Lucky for us that Saltwater Farm just released its Bourdeaux style red blend; a lighter bodied, dry style blend of Cabernet Franc and Merlot, with notes of plum and stone fruits upfront and light spice on the finish. It is the perfect wine to transition your palate into fall. 



So-long summer (at least for now), and cheers to Fall pleasures,

Check out last years harvest video!

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