Cannon Ball!

Screen Shot 2014-08-07 at 12.05.32 PMStonington’s Bicentennial Celebration

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Badass might not be the first word you would use to describe the Stonington Borough. This weekend however, Stonington Boro will celebrate a historical and prided (and kind of badass) anniversary. The Bicentennial of the Battle of Stonington celebrates Stonington Borough residents who successfully held off a heavily out-armed British naval squadron during the War of 1812.


At the corner of Grand and Main, a lonely cannon ball stands mounted on stone, a reminder of the four day battle, which is also commemorated in Cannon Square across from the historic Ocean Bank building, and also a monument at the tip of Stonington Point.




history_1This weekend, the boro will be host to all things battle, and although it might not be as badass as the events of that long weekend 200 years ago, it promises to be a spirited weekend, especially if you’re a bit of a history nut like myself. The celebration will include historical talks, tours, music and a parade on Sunday. For a full list of this weekends events, click here.

So pull out your red, white and blue, do a cannon ball, and raise a glass of wine (or maybe Stonington Glory Pilsner by local brewery Cottrell) and celebrate those brave Stonington Yankees who sent those British bullies packing.

Cheers to keeping history alive!



A special shout out to our friend Tim Love, who over the years has used the cannon balls as inspiration for his artwork (which is featured on the bicentennial T-shirts) and who was instrumental in coordinating all of the weekend’s events.

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