Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 2.43.01 PMOkay…so we will get to the juice, but first let me tell you a bit about my beautiful friend Courtney. Courtney and I first met a couple years ago when she was in Stonington visiting her former New York City roommate. As it often happens, during her visit she half jokingly (or hopingly, however you look at it) announced that she too would be leaving city life behind and moving to town. A lot of visitors say they are going to, and luckily Courtney followed through on her word. In the  summer of 2013 she officially became a Stonington resident.


Fast forward to January 2015 and Courtney, along with another friend and ex-New Yorker Carlos, open their own business, Biologic+: an all natural, all organic, all vegan, and always from scratch juice and cleanse shop located in the Velvet Mill in Stonington.

Taking cues from both of their ultra healthy lifestyles (Court is a vegan and  also a yoga instructor at Mystic Yoga Shala and Carlos a former personal trainer), Biologic+ is like walking into a “juice lab.”kitchen


They are not wearing lab coats, but they are mixing up some pretty innovative juices and smoothies, doing everything down to the almond milk and cashew milk from scratch.


To further enhance the made-to-order juices and smoothies, there is always the option to add pea protein (which is vegan, as opposed to whey protein which contains both animal and dairy by-products), spirulina (the super food in the form of a smelly but tasteless algae) or, if you need it, a little agave to sweeten things up.

They also offer juice cleanses that you can order in advance, onsite or online, and are delivered right to your door (free within a 10 mile radius, although they offer shipping throughout the Northeast down to Washington DC). Everything is made from scratch using fresh produce, herbs and nut milk. That being said, shelf life is limited so be sure you are ready to start your cleanse immediately upon delivery.


I will admit, this self professed pizza junkie was a bit apprehensive about trying her first juice. I decided to jump right in and go for the exotic green, comprised of almond milk, kale, romaine, pineapple, mint, and as Courtney insisted, a healthy scoop of  spirulina. As it turns out, I like my greens juiced. Who knew something so healthy and, to state the obvious, so utterly green, could taste so yummy and refreshing.


With January being the month of the New Year’s resolution, stay on track, treat yourself, and swing by Biologic+; it’s the perfect way to kick start your new health and fitness routine.

Cheers to Courtney and Carlos, and to all of us starting something new this year!


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  • April 16, 2016


    Hello: I’ve read your bios and though they might not be comprehensive, I have not read anything about your backgrounds beyond that you’re either a yoga instructor or a personal trainer that suggests to me that you’re qualified to guide customers through cleansing programs. Please clarify. Also, what makes you two the juicing gurus that you appear to be suggesting? What do you imagine that sets you apart from others who have devised wonderfully creative, healthy juice combos before you arrived on the health scene? Par example, I visited a few great smoothies/juice bars in NYC last summer and they encompassed all of the “yummy” ingredients that you’re touting; almond milk, cashew milk, kale, spinach, mint, pineapple, spirulina and more in their juices so what’s so seemingly innovative or “exotic” about your green juices? With a $9.00 price tag for 6-8 ounces no less? Could it be the brand of your cold press?

    I’ve been juicing veggies in my kitchen for YEARS with a wide and exotic array or fruits, herbs and veggies. I’m also a well-educated athlete so I’m most curious to know your complete story if there is one.


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