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race17As you may know, Saltwater Farm Vineyard sponsors the Surftown Half and looks forward to seeing many of our friends, and even several staff, in the race. I was unable to participate, but was perfectly content cheering on the runners and snapping some photos. The energy at the finish line was contagious; I left feeling inspired and proud of our community. Take a look at some of the highlights from the event!

Finishing in first place was Katie Edwards at 01:17:09… all I have to say is #GIRLBOSS.



Gotta love his spirit… I would really like to see what he captured on his GoPro…


Kory celebrating after a strong race.


Some dogs enjoyed the race more than others…



Looking good Mark!



Saltwater caps were trending…


Kayla just killed it (as usual).


Sisterly love.



race18As Beth put it so well, “Still smiling after 13.1″… See you next year!

Cheers to our runners,


Find out more about the Surftown Half and check out another fitness inspired post.



photo credit: Inn at Mystic

photo credit: Inn at Mystic

This week, we are enjoying Harbour House… you can’t beat food and drink specials with a view. Here you will find 1/2 price apps and flatbreads, $1 oysters, $5 house wines and $2 domestic beers. Check back soon for a full report on this new spot!

Highlight: Flatbreads, flatbreads, flatbreads… and the water view.
Time: 4-6pm daily


2. TRAVEL (not far)

Summer is winding down, but this Del’s lemonade meets Narragansett Beer specialty from Ten Sandwiches is still available. Go before it’s too late!

Highlight: Adventures of Daly and Kimberly. To be continued…
Time: While supplies last



photo credit: Olde Mistick Village

photo credit: Olde Mistick Village

Smell your way to the 7th Annual Garlic Festival at Olde Mistick Village. Farmers from the area will be celebrating the abundant fall harvest with all things garlic in addition to honey, jams, baked goods, syrups and more. If you are a garlic lover, this is for you! Listen to live music as you browse the shops and munch on garlic popcorn.

Highlight: Garlic everywhere… but bring those Altoids.
Time: Saturday, September 20th 11am-7pm and Sunday, September 21st 11am-6pm


photo credit: Stonington Vineyards

photo credit: Stonington Vineyards

Stonington Vineyards is having their Annual Harvest Fest. Enjoy food vendors, local artisans, music, wine tastings and more! You can purchase your tickets here.

Highlight: Wicked Peach, playing on Sunday
Time: September 20th and 21st, 12pm to 6pm


photo credit: Irie Yoga

photo credit: Irie Yoga

Take a yoga class from our friends Ken and Lindsay over at Irie Yoga in Mystic. Their reggae flow yoga is the perfect way to get your weekend started.

Highlight: Your body will thank you
Time: Friday nights, 6:15pm

Cheers to the weekend,

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Krissy and Dave


What’s in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”


The traditional list of anniversary gifts can be particularly tricky to carry out if you are looking to put a modern yet thoughtful twist on celebrating marriage year after year. If you’ve read the traditional UK list, which includes suggestions like paper for the first anniversary, leather for the third and sugar for the sixth, its not surprising that the list is believed to date back to the 19th century Victorian era in the United Kingdom, not exactly up to speed with today’s couples…

With that in mind, we couldn’t help but share Saltwater Farm Vineyard bride Krissy Morales’s unique and über personal gift she presented to husband Dave while celebrating their one year anniversary, where else but at Saltwater Farm. And although this gift has definite modern appeal, the timeless romance is something that will never go out of style.  Here’s to two years Krissy and Dave. Thanks for sharing your story and we can’t wait to see you at the Vineyard soon!


Dave and Krissy Morales’ 1st Anniversary Story
written by Krissy Morales, September 10, 2014

After getting married at Saltwater Farm Vineyard on September 14,2012, Dave and I agreed to celebrate every anniversary at the Vineyard. Who else is really that lucky that they can go back and relive the best day of their lives, anytime they want!


For our first anniversary, I was going back and forth on exactly what to get Dave for a present. We aren’t huge on presents or surprises; we would rather plan a trip or upgrade something in our house. With this in mind I knew I had to be creative. Before getting married, I always told Dave that changing my last name was going to be a challenge…. I loved my name, it was uncommon, and I swore I was the only Krissy Balesano in the world. Dave’s last name is Morales, which is very common and I would not be the only Krissy Morales in the world; in fact I would be the second in his family (his brother married a Krissy too!) Throughout the first year of our marriage, and without any pressure from Dave, I started toying around with the change. So on September 13th, the day before our anniversary, I marched down to the social security office and changed my name! Since your 1st anniversary is paper, what better gift than a paper with my new name!

IMG_0571 The following day we went to Saltwater Farm Vineyard to celebrate. Dave surprised me with a picnic lunch from our wedding caterers Gourmet Galley! Absolutely delicious! After enjoying our lunch and a bottle of wine I surprised Dave with a tiny gift bag. As he opened up the gift bag and unfolded the paper with my new name, he could not contain his reaction and immediately started crying…. which isn’t shocking. I am convinced my husband has to be the most emotional groom to get married at Saltwater Farm, he cried our entire wedding! But that emotion is exactly why I married him, he was surprised, touched and never realized how much changing my name meant to him until I did it.

Now we approach two years of marriage and it still feels like yesterday that we celebrated one of the most important days of our lives, at the most gorgeous venue in Connecticut. Over the years, the staff at Saltwater Farm has become our extended family and friends. But no matter how much we visit, I still get goose bumps and butterflies in my stomach when I walk through the doors. It is our second home and I can’t wait to continue celebrating our milestones throughout the years.



Check out their awesome wedding video, and see why Krissy gave Dave the title “most emotional” SFV groom! 

David Morales from Geoffrey R. Boka on Vimeo.

Cheers to all our happy couples and to many more happy anniversaries shared at the Vineyard!