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With Saltwater Farm Vineyard’s harvest of the cabernet franc grapes a week to three away (we promise, we will let everyone know as soon as we know), it is the perfect time to share a little insight into the “workhorse” red of our vineyard.


Cabernet Franc is one of three red varieties planted at Saltwater Farm and by far out produces the other two, Merlot and Pinot Noir. This is because the Cabernet Franc grape does not need as intense a growing season to reach full maturity (in other words, it does not require as much heat and sunshine to fully ripen) and it can also withstand the harsh elements of New England winters a bit better than its SFV red counterparts.

An article recently published in Ink Magazine by Saltwater Farm (written by none other than yours truly) had me researching the lesser known Cabernet, with some interesting finds. Click the article image to enlarge.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 1.18.35 PM

Be sure to check Facebook and the SFV website for the Cab Franc harvest information and shop online or at the Vineyard for our limited edition 2015 Fall Harvest shirt, while supply last.

Want to know even more about Cab Franc? Check out these two recently published articles Chinon, a Red With Attitude (The New York Times) and Cabernet Franc: The Ideal Summer-Into-Fall Wine (The Wall Street Journal).

And don’t forget, we are open Columbus Day, Monday, October 12th with live music by Bob Lavalley from 3pm to 5pm. Watch FoxCT’s video below for an inspired day trip idea.

Cheers to the 2015 Cab Franc, in whatever form it may take!



photo 1

There are few things that make us at Saltwater Farm Vineyard happier than hearing from our past couples, so when Maria and Ed sent this note from Hawaii, we couldn’t help but share.

“Hi Merrily & Michael,

Thank you doesn’t seem to express how much gratitude we have for you!!  Our wedding at Saltwater was beyond our expectations and as we told you that evening our guests could not say enough wonderful things about the venue!!  It was a wonderful evening and we are so happy we chose Saltwater for our special day!  So glad we were able to see you that evening as well – thank you for stopping by to say hello!

We are happy to share our pictures from our honeymoon in Maui with our Saltwater shirts on – Aloha SFV!!!

Hope to see you soon!!!!

Maria & Ed “

photo 3

Cheers to the newlyweds Maria and Ed and a big SFV thanks for sharing the pics – we are flattered to have made it to Hawaii!


Brought your favorite egret on a trip, crazy adventure or just have a pic in your SFV gear you want to share? Tag us on instagram #saltwaterfarmliving or drop a line to tastingroom@saltwaterfarmvineyard.com  … we can’t wait to see it!




Well we locals sure have lucked out this September, with summer-like days just now giving way to cool mornings, breezy afternoons and the undeniable chill in the evening air – yes, it is now officially fall. But in true New Englander style, I still have a few must-dos before I retire summer for good, up next, a day at the beach.

End-of-Season in Watch Hill, RI


No summer is complete without at least one lunch at St Clair Annex in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, just a short 20 minute drive from Saltwater Farm Vineyard. In the family since 1887 (yes, 1887, that is not a typo), this casual breakfast, lunch and ice cream joint is about as authentic New England, may I say “mom and pop”, as it gets, with owners and friends of SFV, Joann and George Nicholas there every morning in season getting things cooking.

Much of what they serve is made from scratch including a personal favorite, Rhode Island clam chowder (the lesser known, clear broth kin to its creamy New England counterpart, both of which are available daily after 11am) and a crazy-good selection of house-made ice cream.



Also opt for a lobster roll – another summertime New England tradition – which no doubt will exceed expectation, both in yumminess and portion size.


Also, don’t miss out on the end-of-season close-out sales at boutiques like Rochelle’s, which included 50% off summer apparel and discounts off Alex & Anni and new fall apparel as well (Rochelle’s also has locations in Newport, RI and Mystic, CT which are open all year).



And if you simply can not find room for a scoop of ice cream after the clam chowder and lobster roll deliciousness at lunch, take a pint to go or visit another true Watch Hill throwback, the Candy Box, for some to go treats including dark chocolate covered apricots, saltwater taffy,  liquorice pipes and about anything else your sweet tooth can think up – nothing like an old school candy shop to make you feel like a kid again!


And no trip to Watch Hill would be complete without a stroll on the beach with the iconic Ocean House at your back.


Cheers to an end-of-season afternoon in one of the most beautiful places on earth,


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